USRYIELD output (polar angle, what about azimuthal?)

Dear experts.

perhaps a silly question, when using USRYIELD scoring I can get the angular distribution for incoming particles, according to fluka you get the polar angle (w.r.t. beam axis), but if you are considering cylindrical detector what about azimuthal direction?

Dear @castaned,
please refer to Note 1 of the USRYIELD section in the manual.

You can use USRBDX in case you are interested in angular distributions w.r.t. the normal to the boundary at the point of crossing.

Hi Alfredo,

in addition to Luigi’s answer, in most cases FLUKA has an azimuthal symmerty for particle production.

I’m not aware if any of the built in scorings has the option to score in different azimuth angles. What you can do, is to slice up your geometry, and use separate scorings for each direction.