Validating Experimental Results Using FLUKA

Respected FLUKA experts,
I hope this message finds you all in good health. I am reaching out to seek your expert guidance regarding the validation of the results obtained from the experiments conducted during my doctoral research.
In my study, I designed an experimental setup, which I have illustrated in the attached figure. The setup involves a stack of foils made of different materials, each with known thicknesses and densities. These foils were irradiated by a 17 MeV beam. Now, my main objective is to validate the energy values of the beam after it passes through each foil stack at points P1, P2, P3, and P4. In addition to the energy values, I am also interested in determining the cross sections and yield at each energy value.
So, my question is;
i. Is it possible to do it in FLUKA?
If yes then
ii. Wil the USRBDX card be suitable?
If yes then
iii. Will a single USRBDX card be sufficient for the all the things said above?
I will be very thankful if someone guide me about it.

Dear @muneeb.wajid.r,

Yes, you can use Fluka for your purposes.
Yes, USRBDX is a good estimator for the goal.
You need to define different USRBDX for each transition from the foil to the air downstream. You will have to define the geometry correctly.
Have a look at the slides from the beginner course, namely the scoring lecture #2 for details about USRBDX (and the manual as well), and the scoring lecture #1 for details about scoring in general.