Variable Loop in FLAIR

Dear Experts,

I would like to create input files which differ by only a few input variables from each other and I want to use the method of FLAIR manual F3.6}, at the end of the chapter. It uses arrays and tuples to store the variables and a loop variable to identify them. The loop is initialised in the FLAIR RUN-tab, generating input files showing the changed variables.
When I try to start one of those generated input files, the run aborts and in the *.err-file I read
“Abort called from EXPREV reason NO MATCH FOR CODEWORD Run stopped!”

I added the flair project file(var-001.flair), the mother input file (var-001.inp) and one of the generated input files (var-001-2.inp), showing that the variables were indded correctly parsed and entered into the input file. When I delete or inactivate the #define-lines in var-001-2.inp, then it runs without error messages.
What do I overlook here ?

Thank you in advance for your insights, Thomas (@totto )
var-001.flair (1.9 KB)
var-001.inp (1.2 KB)
var-001-2.inp (1.2 KB)

Dear Thomas,

we are looking into it and we will come back to you as soon as we have a satisfying solution.


Dear @totto

thank you for the bug report. We have made a fix in the corresponding FLUKA routine. The fix will appear in the next minor release.