Very big difference between maximum value of dose equivalent in target and the whole room including it

Dear fluka users and experts,
i scored dose equivalent with USRBIN card in a cylindrical target of aluminium of R=3.6cm and z=10cm
and it show integral value 5812psv/primary and maximum value about 3000.Then i scored dose equivalent in the whole room where the target is placed. it has dimensions 200x160x100cm (binning 1cm) so i used xyz scoring for the whole area(including the cylindrical target), and i took maximum value in y,z projection
0.72 psv/primary and the other projections 2 projections give very small numbers.the integral value is 36079 which is larger than in the cylinder ,which seems logical to me.but why there is so big difference between the maximum values in the cylinder and whole room?as the cylinder is included in the room ,i thought that the maximum value should be close to that in the cylinder.

Hi Artemis,
dose is an intensive quantity, divided by the scoring volume, over which it turns out to be averaged. Therefore, it is sensitive to the scoring resolution: if evaluated over a small bin in the radiation core, it will be logically higher than averaged over a large bin including more peripheral areas.
Moreover, its spatial integral - whose unit cannot be pSv - is meaningless.
Also, I fail to understand the meaning of dose equivalent in an aluminum target, for which the proper quantity is plain absorbed dose (Gy). [The latter is provided by FLUKA as DOSE in GeV/g].