Very long run time while working with OPTIPHOT

Dear Fluka experts,

It takes hours and even days while working with scintillators at more 10 runs, even 10 primaries take around 45 mins. I am trying to build a multi-layer scintillator experiment and geometry is not that complicated either. Is my code not optimized?

Also, receiving relatively long run times with simple shielding calculations at 1000+ runs. 1000 primaries take between 10-15 mins. I am running Fluka ver. 4-3.1.

titaopti1.flair (3.5 KB)
titaopti1.inp (2.0 KB)
shielding.flair (4.1 KB)

Thank you.

Ozgur Hanci

Dear @ozgur.hanci ,

The most likely explanation is you have photons trapped in a “locked” mode meaning they bounce forever in your optical material. This usually happens when you have two corners facing each other which are made up of 3 faces at right angles. To provide an escape path to these trapped photons, simply increase the absorption of your optical materials by a small amount.