Very long running time

Dear Fluka experts and users,
I’m running a simulation ,where an electron beam is directed through an applicator to a water phantom and i have to score the dose equivalent and neutron dose equivalent in all the room,as well as at certain points .I firstly had a run without the water phantom and it took about 10hours,but when i added the phantom ,the program shows that it takes 18hours but i started the simulation last night and stills at 0%. I must obtain accurate results (small variations) ,as i need scoring at certain points to be correct. that’s why i run the simulation with many primaries(10^7-10^8). Is there any way to reduce running time ?Here is the program:
calib.flair (5.5 KB)

Dear @el16044,

I have a few comments.

First, I’ve tried your simulation on my computer, which is not a superfast machine and it took between 1 and 2 seconds per primary. While this is definitely a long time, it seems strange that you’re simulation is still at 0% after runnning an entire night. I recommend you to check it this is not a simple problem of refreshing the counter or if there has been any other problem and the program is not actually running.

Then, I see that you have two scoring with an incredibly large number of bins (720x520x410). Such large numbers of bin require a lot of memory and put a strain on your computing resources. I would suggest if possible, to use different binnings: a coarser one over the entire room and finer ones on those locations that are more important to you.

Last, I’ve noticed that you have set transport thresholds for photons and electrons but you did not set any production threshold. Also consider if these thresholds are adequate for your problem. You might not need so low threshold in the concrete wall of your room.
Have a look at the EM transport threshold lecture from the last course and at the EMFCUT card in the manual.