Volume of each bin in a Cartesian mesh

Dear fluka experts,
I’m estimating the mass of a cellular model I implemented and I’m wondering the exact size of each bin. I used Cartesian coordinates and a 200x200x10 bins mesh and flair gave me the volume of the region of interest, which I want to divide by the mesh volume, is that right? What is the volume of each bin in the mesh?
Thank you in advance.
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I miss what you mean with “Flair gave me the volume of the region of interest”.
As for the Cartesian scoring mesh, based on your own USRBIN definition, each bin has a volume of (0.6 x 0.03 x 0.03) cubic micron (resulting from (0.0003 - (-0.0003)) cm / 10 and (0.0003 - (-0.0003)) cm / 200).
You are scoring DOSE, so for each bin you will get automatically the energy deposited in the bin divided by the bin mass [GeV/g], since FLUKA knows the bin volume above as well as the respective material density, and uses them already. Hence no need to divide by whatsoever.
However, your bin size is too small: the FLUKA physics can hardly apply to a sub-micron size.