VOXEL file with too many regions...?

I’ve previously run simulations with Dicom files (CT scans) converted to voxel geometry, however, I’m getting a **** Blank common exhausted in Pwxsst **** error now. According to other threads in this forum, I found that it should be related to the maximum allowed number of regions . That makes sense, since the previous simulations were done with smaller tissue parts, however, this time I need a whole human chest geometry included. I have used the Global card and set it to 20 000 (that should be the maximum, right?). Is there a way to go around it (like cropping the voxel file - there’s parts I do not need), or is the error coming from somehere else?
Thank you very much!

yes you can try the following:

  1. increase the number of regions in the GLOBAL card.
  2. if needed increase the memory allocated by fluka. This is in what(6) of the GLOBAL card. Unfortunately flair doesn’t offer it as an option so you click the Ctrl-E to manually edit the card.
  3. last crop your dicom.
    • Go the Dicom page, select the CT and go to the View tab
    • select with the mouse the region to crop, dragging a rectangle.
    • Select also the top and bottom slice and setthem as Zmin and Zmax clicking the button on the ribbon.
    • Then recreate the dicom file, it should be cropped.
    • Do not forget to click also on the card button to update the coordinates of the cropped voxel file in the input