Voxel files are imported?

Hi Fluka experts

I learn about voxel-related calculations on the web page,After importing ct, two more files are required, XX.mat material.inp.

However, in the new version, I only found the xx.mat file import window!

I would like to consult the next expert two questions:
1.How do I import the new version material material.inp?Or don’t need it anymore?
2.Even if the materail.inp file is not imported, the calculation results show that it is still runnable? Seems that voxels contain media? As a beginner, it is confusing.


Dear @fengfengxu

the material.inp is no longer needed. All the necessary materials are included in the material database of flair, and are imported in the project when needed.


Okay, teacher. Then the new version is really fantastic, I am not confused anymore.