Warning: empty y range [0;0]

Hi, experts
I have been experiencing the same problem. I read this solution but didn’t work it. my problems are
Warning: empty y range [0:0], adjusting to [-1:1]

e> ERROR: Gnuplot errors or warnings found

I use Ubuntu 22.04 and the last version of fluka and flair. Please help me
LET_200.flair (3.2 KB)

It’s not at all the same technical problem: as the warning message says, you got all zeros from your simulation scoring, hence the plot makes no sense. You should figure out why your scoring cards failed.

Thanks for your answer. Let me clear it. Actually, I obtained the plot with 100Mev, 150Mev. But suddenly, when I came to 200Mev energy flair give me a warning then I returned my first and second energy levels I releazed that they also did not work and flair deleted my data, y range was also reset. I did not understand why. could you help me please.

Dear @demirukiye,

  1. Your 2 scorings are both defined between z=-1 and z=12um. You can see this in the geometry tab:

    Over that portion of space there is only vacuum, therefore no energy can be deposited, therefore gnuplot issues a warning that the plot contains only zeros.

  2. This is not the case if you plot fluence, see it here on a transversal plane via the geometry tab:

  3. …and see it here over a longitudinal plane via the plot tab:


thanks for your answer. I got it. Regards