Water flows in the pipeline

Dear experts. I am a beginner of Fluka software. I have encountered a problem recently. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.The questions are as follows.The flowing water is activated in the activation zone, and then flows to the detection zone to detect the change of dose with time. How can I set up water to flow in the pipeline?

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FLUKA allows you to calculate the activation or the production yield in water for a static case. However, taking into account any further dynamics coming from the water flow, has to be calculated separately by yourself for your specific scenario, using the output from FLUKA and the specificities of your water circuit. This cannot be done directly with FLUKA.

You may find some useful information in the support material of the last FLUKA course:

and more specifically on activation in this presentation:

You may calculate the nuclide specific production yield (nuclei per primary particle) with a RESNUCLE scoring card without associating a DCYSCORE.

You may calculate directly nuclide specific activities (Bq per primary particle) for a given irradiation profile and decay time (using the RADDECAY, IRRPROFI, DCYTIMES and DCYSCORE cards).

(see: 7.22.64. RESNUCLEi — FLUKA Manual)

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Thank you very much for your reply. I will study further.