What is the exact meaning of the data in *plot.geo.dat file?

The superimposed plot is done in flair, and the concerning geometry figure data file is produced, but
what is the exact meaning of the data in *plot.geo.dat file?
i want to use the data as the plotting data in python, the geometry figure data file is uploaded.

carrht6_31_plot.geo.dat (2.2 MB)

The geometry data can be produced by tally plot or geometry plot, i want to use this geometry data to do a matplotlib plot, but so many magnitudes are in the geometry data file, is there a document that can explain these magnitudes?
here are two geometry data files from my projection,

carrht6_plot02.geo.dat (2.2 MB)
this file comes from the Usrbin plot

carrht6_geometry.dat (1.4 MB)
this file comes from the geometry plot

what exactly means of these magnitudes?

Dear Siyuan,

These files are processed versions of the PLOTGEOM outputs, in order to be compatible with gnuplot.

They have 2 sections (separated by 2 empty lines):

  • The first section is a collection of segments to be drawn.
    Each segment is made of 2 points in the format: [u, v, x, y, z] (relative and absolute coordinates respectively).
  • The second section contains region / material / lattice / field information.
    Format: [u, v, x, y, z, regionId, materialId, lattice, Bu, Bv, B].
    This makes up a 2D map (“balayage” in u and v).

Hope this helps,

@ghugo, thanks, it really has helped me a lot!