What is the right value of PMMA density in FLAIR?

Dear FLUKA Experts,

I am running a simulation that requires me to use PMMA. So, in my code, I selected PMMA from the drop down menu in FLAIR (without redefining the material). I later checked the ''material" tap of FLAIR and saw 3 different PMMA types and densities: 760 formvar PMMA (1.31g/cm^3), Photoresist PMMA (0.95) and Polymethylmethacralate PMMA photoresist (0.95 g/cm^3) . Also, the FLUKA manual presents with another value ( 1.19 g/cm^3). So, I am wondering which value could’ve been included in my code since I have to use this same value in another software (SRIM).
NB: My simulations are time consuming, otherwise I would’ve just defined another PMMA material with a customized density.
I’ll be grateful for your help.
Thanks in Advance.
Zavier N. Ndum

the default PMMA you actually got is the one indicated in the FLUKA manual (1.19 g/cm^3), as you can also read in the obtained output file. Flair offers an independent library of additional materials, which however - in order to be used - have to be imported in the input file, such as to define them with the respective MATERIAL and COMPOUND cards.
Best wishes

Thank you very much for your response