What is the scoring card used in one fluka course?

11_Advanced_settings_2023_Advanced_ANL.pdf (1.5 MB)
The case is shown in slide 22 and the results are shown from slide 23 to 25,
if the scoring card is “Detect”, but the card has no argument about logarithm energy bin.


Thanks for pointing this one out.

The energy deposition spectra you mention were indeed scored with a DETECT card, i.e. with a necessarily linear energy binning.

However there is an issue in the figure you quote: it was plotted on a horizontal logarithmic axes WITHOUT duly using lethargy units, instead of respecting what is nicely advertised in slides 7 to 12 of this lecture, in spite of the well-intended label and units on the vertical axis.

The plot (in all its reincarnations along the slides) has been recast into linear scale, with correct units: new link.



@cesc , thanks for your reply!