When calculating induced radioactivity,what is the unit of usrbin card and usrtrack card with auxscore?

Dear expert:

With your help, I have successfully calculated the types and activities of radionuclides produced by induced radioactivity, which are in good agreement with the literature.However, I encountered some problems when calculating the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) produced by radionuclides. I hope to get help.
1)In the literature, usrtrack is used to obtain the fluence, and then auxscore is used to convert and multiply the dose equivalent. Can I directly use the Dose-EQ option in usrbing card to calculate the dose equivalent?

  1. I want to get the dose rate,but the output file as shown below,according to PPT, I found that the unit of DE-EQ in usrbin card is pSv,when I set cooling time is 3600s,the unit of rate is pSv/s or pSv/h ?

  2. I see the output file of usrtrack with auxscore ,unit is (p/cmq/pr),is this a normalized value?Should I multiply by the total number of particles 3600000 gived by output file ?How did 3600000 come from?Can I use the EWT74 parameter?image

Looking forward to your reply, thank you.

Now I know auxscore card must use with DOSE-EQ ,but how to convert its unti to pSv/s ?

Dear @gao_han,
Concerning your questions:

  1. Yes, you can use USRBIN scoring DOSE-EQ and I think this is also more convenient: the folding of the fluence with ICRP conversion coefficients is done by FLUKA. Just make sure that the scoring mesh matches the scoring used in the literature (you can use R-Phi-Z mesh with one bin in R and one bin in Z).
  2. It is correct, if you do not associate any cool-down time to your scoring using DCYSCORE the output will be in pSv/primary. If you associate a cool-down time the output will be pSv/s (no matter the cooldown time selected if this is what you wanted to ask). To obtain pSv/h you just need to multiply by 3600.
  3. No you should not multiply by the total number of primaries (3600000 should be the number of histories that you have simulated). If you have entered the scoring volume (which I see that you have) the output of USRTRACK is cm-2/primary if no cool-down time is associated. If you associate a cool-down time the output is per unit time instead of primaries (i.e. cm-2/s)
  4. If you use EWT74 in AUXSCORE you will score effective dose (worst irradiation condition, ICRP74 and Pelliccioni data) and not ambient dose equivalent (default if DOSE-EQ is selected without AUXSCORE)

Let me know in case you have further questions.

Dear Davide Bozzato
Thank you for your kind answer. I understand the unit and have no questions. At present, the ambient dose equivalent calculated by me is much larger than the literature,I will check my input file for other errors,if I have anything I don’t understand, I will ask again.Thanks again