WVLNGT variable in multiple user routines

Dear @horvathd ,
That’s OK. By the way, I have another question is that the same variable in different user routines.
The variable WVLNGT used in wvlnsh.f (it is output variable and the value is negative, negative just represent energy or wavelength), should I use abs(WVLNGT) When performing arithmetic operations in abscff.f(as a input variable)?
Does any other parameters(energy, momentum, wavelength, angular and so on) have a positive or negative distinction in code?


The input variable WVLNGT always corresponds to the absorbed photon wavelength and is always positive.

On the other hand, the values of WVSHPH correspond to either the energy (if positive) or the wavelenght (if negative).

For the routine wvlnsh.f, only the variable WVSHPH has a negative/positive distinction. If you mean in general in the FLUKA code, this is a too general question to answer here.

Read the relevant page in the manual for details on the wvlnsh.f routine: 13.2.32. wvlnsh.f — FLUKA Manual

Dear @blefebvre ,
I have understand it , thank you.