X-ray attenuation length

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I want to simulate the absorbed energy fraction in the material and find the penetration depth. The penetration depth of x-ray (E=3keV) into B4C is 71µm ([x-ray database]).
The plot does not show this. I am using USRBIN card (part: Energy). Could you please help me and let me know where I went wrong? Which card should I use to find the energy deposition depth?

B4C_mirror.inp (2.2 KB)

Dear @marziyeh.tavakkoly,

Since you have low-energy photons, I would suggest also using the EMFCUT card in order to lower the transport threshold.

In order to see the range of these photons you can simply use the USRBIN card with BEAMPART scoring.

You need to be careful because the range is different than the attenuation length (the distance into a material where the x-ray beam intensity has decreased to a value of 1/e of the incident beam intensity).

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Dear Mihaela,

I really appreciate your taking the time to explain things.

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