A question about proton irradiation of 100Mo

Dear FLUKA team and experts,
I have a question for you.
I tried to simulate proton irradiation of 100Mo with FLUKA and calculate the yield of 99gTc and 99mTc. The results show that the yield of 99gTc is only about 11% higher than that of 99mTc, which is significantly different from the existing experimental and theoretical values(The yield of 99gTc about 3 times than of 99mTc). I want to know why?
22MeV.inp (3.7 KB)

Dear @chendesheng

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What you observe is the result of the arbitrary 50-50 sharing between isomeric and ground state that FLUKA automatically performs in such cases. This is a point of active code development but for the moment there is no particular workaround.

The total 99Tc yield calculated by the code should instead be more reliable. It is up to you to decide whether it makes sense to apply experimentally measured isomeric ratios vs. proton energy to this quantity for further use.


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