Abort called from DPDX reason NONSENSE GAS/PRESSURE Run stopped!


I have the error ‘Abort called from DPDX reason NONSENSE GAS/PRESSURE Run stopped!’ when trying to run my model. It seems to be associated with the ‘Mrefl’ material. I have found the previous post https://fluka-forum.web.cern.ch/t/stop-nonsense-gas/2795 but my model doesn’t contain any high density materials (the highest density I have is 13.31 g/cm^3), so I’m not sure how to solve this issue.

snre_gcr_source_v2.flair (11.7 KB)
snre_gcr_source_v2.inp (14.8 KB)

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Dear Emma,

the error is not in Mrefl but in Mcool and others. As explained in 7.22.45. MATERIAL — FLUKA Manual a material with density below 0.01 is considered a gas at atmospheric pressure. If the pressure is off, you should adapt it with a MAT-PROP card.

You can find the issues e.g. by replacing the material in all ASSIGNMAT cards with BLCKHOLE, them add back the correct material one after the other, always running a few primaries.


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