About RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE card

Dear Experts,
I would like to know, how to use RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE card ?

If any one can provide any example input file which uses these two cards, it will be very much helpful for me.
How to prepare “the biological data file name” for RAD-BIOL card ? Can anyone provide me any example data file ?

Thanking you in advance.

Unfortunately I don’t have any input that we could provide.
The format is fairly simple and it is explained in the manual RAD-BIOL card.
If you have the alpha/beta values for the ions as a function of their kinetic energy or let we can help you to build the file.

Thank you Sir,

Kindly help me in this regards.

I want to do it for a neutron source. I am clueless on using this option. I am also not getting any article where this option was used. I have gone through the FLUKA manual but there it is explained briefly. Whether any course material on this is available ?

Is there any reference documents where the alpha and beta values as a function of kinetic energy are available ?


Unfortunately, no public data on alpha/beta values are currently available for any biological model.

However, I attached an example of the file format (if you want to use it please remove all comments after %)

example.dat (3.0 KB)

Then you need to add the file name in the SDUM field of RAD-BIOL card, and assign this RADBIOL file into your scoring estimator you will use, i.e.:

RAD-BIOL                                                              example
TPSSCORE          1.                          Dose      Beta          BIOTOBIN
USRBIN           10.  DOSE-H2O      -22.      50.0      50.0      50.0Dose
USRBIN           0.0       0.0       0.0      250.      250.      250. &
USRBIN           10.   ALPHA-D      -23.      50.0      50.0      50.0Alpha
USRBIN           0.0       0.0       0.0      250.      250.      250. &
USRBIN           10.  SQBETA-D      -24.      50.0      50.0      50.0Beta
USRBIN           0.0       0.0       0.0      250.      250.      250. &

Then, depending on the RBE model you calculate the survival level using i.e. linear-quadratic model:

An example you can find in appendix:
[http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1361-6560/ab02cb](FLUKA particle therapy tool for Monte Carlo independent calculation of scanned proton and carbon ion beam therapy)