Absorbed dose [eV/atom] depends on incident angle

Dear Fluka Experts,

I have a silicon mirror coated with B4C. The source is an x-ray laser with an energy of 1 keV.
Is there a way in Fluka to simulate the absorbed dose [eV/atom] versus the incident grazing angle?

Absorbed Energy.inp (4.4 KB)
Absorbed Energy.flair (5.5 KB)

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Dear @marziyeh.tavakkoly,

Before getting to your question, I’d like to remind the replies you received in this one year old thread of yours. Your geometry, with a 50 nanometer layer, is really at the edge of (if not beyond) what Monte Carlo codes can do.

Now, getting to your specific question, how to estimate a quantity as function of the grazing angle. To do this, I would run separate simulations, each having the beam impinging on the target at a different angles.

Dear Amario,

Thank you for your response!
You are right. we can only consider B4C.
Your kind assistance, along with the help of other FLUKA experts, has been very helpful to me. Over the past year, I conducted an experiment and now it’s time to compare the Monte Carlo simulation to the experimental results.