AUXSCORE filtering

Dear Experts,

I face still the same simulation case: sending some tenth MeV electrons on a glass cell filled with water.
I would like to estimate the bremsstrhalung contribution (if any) to the dose in each region.
I have used the AUXSCORE card set in this way:
and, as expected, I have found an almost negligible contribution.
Is it the correct way to use this card?
I must confess that the meaning of its parameters are still not really clear to me (Det, to det, Set, Delta Ray, Step): could you please suggest some document (besides the official FLUKA manual) I could read to better understand how to use AUXSCORE?
Thanks in adavnce.


Dear @Tibe68,

Try have a look at this thread “Calculate secondary dose contribution” about the use of AUXSCORE.

As for the Det/toDet/Step meaning, this is the standard FLUKA way to repeatedly “assign one characteristic to multiple objects” like in ASSIGNMA where you have “Reg/toReg/Step”

Hi Amario,

thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !