Calculate number of optical photons

Dear @vojtech.stransky ,
i want to calculate Number of Optical photons produced in a scintillator detector, which reaches a specific level (PMT), for this purpose i used the Eventbin card for the particle=OPTIPHOT but apparently does not get the correct answer, can you help me? is the answer of this card directle the same as the number of opticalphotons or should it be multiplied by another parameter?

Dear Hajar,

here it depends on what exactly you are trying to calculate. Are you interested in the number of photons in a specific volume during some special event? If that is the case, EVENTBIN should be the right scoring for you. However, should you be interested in an average number of optical photons that crosses from one region to another, you would probably want to use USRYIELD.

You can also visit this topic, where there is an example of calculating the number of photons

I hope this hepls