Can't download FLUKA-4-1.1

I am slightly confused. I am trying to download latest FLUKA. So, i jump through the hoops and do the -CERN single sign ON–> guest access—>login using my gmail ( But then I get Error 401. I filled out the registration form but it says that I am already registered. Can some one please take a look?
saurabh mukherjee

Dear Saurabh,

please have a look at this topic:


Dear Saurabh,

I confirm that your registration is valid. Due to a change of authentication interface, it might be necessary to reset your password. So when you see the CERN Single Sign On, click on Guest access, and there you will see below the password field a link for resetting the password.

Please let us know if this doesn’t solve the problem

Best regards,

Dear Anton and David
thanks for the help. I am able to download now