Cosmic ray showers

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My interest is in simulating the flux and energy spectra of secondary cosmic rays at my geographic location at different altitudes. At the end, interest in mainly in energy spectrum for muons reaching the surface of the earth.

I understand that I have to run routine atmloc.f first. In fluka4-4.0/bin, I find atmlc so I do I run it to generate files to be included in inp? sorry for bothering with such a question but I would highly appreciate your help.

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Sorry for my previous question.
I managed to run the routine but I do not see the expected files being generated.
Am I missing something? I attach part of what I see on the terminal. Note that I entered arbitrary parameters

Dear @Motlatsi_Vincent ,

Many thanks for your question. Could please elaborate more on the issue you are encountering? It is still related to running the atmloc?

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Thank you @ainfanti for your response.

I did manage to run atmloc routine.
I wanted to create local atmosphere geometry for my latitude and longitude. I also want to incorporate altitude, which I will later on vary.
However, I am not sure if my input requested after running atmloc is correct. Please assist me. Here is what my input.

Geographic or geomagnetic coordinates;

-33, 18

(I understand that this is geographic latitude and longitude)

Geomagnetic cut-off accentance (GeV);


Topmost altitude for particle tracking (said to be above 0.644969E+09) as 0.645E+09.


How do I include the altitude at which I want to calculate particle energy spectra? Say my altitude is 600 m above the sea level.

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