Deal with output files(forts)

Dear all,
I got the fort output files.
I wonder how could I process them an merge them to bnn files. And I already installed flair.
First, I tried the suggestion of Illia Zymak(Commend line to process forts).
I executed the commend line as: flair 1input.inp 1input.flair. But it doesn’t generated anything and also no errors. Could you help me? And I also want to know how to load fort files into flair and deal them by flair interface.
Thank you!

Guangru Li

Dear @liguangru,

Please take a look at this section of the flair manual.

You can try this method.

Thank you very much!
I will give it a try!

Dear Mihaela,
Thank you for your help!
I tried the method that you suggested.
But it seems only create bnn file from fort files. I also want tab.lis and sum.lis files.
Could you please tell me how to achieve that?
Thank you again!

There is no tab.lis and sum.lis files for USRBIN, contrary to other scoring cards (that have their own respective post-processing programs - different from usbsuw - generating them).
You can make your bnn file readable, and so get a bnn.lis file, by means of the usbrea program (that is also automatically invoked in Flair by right-clicking on the bnn file - from the tab Run/Files - and selecting To ascii).

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Thank you very much!
Actually I want to process the fort files and got tab.lis file. Because I need tab.lis files as base data.
So, do you know other commend lines that can generate tab.lis files from fort file?

As I already pointed out, there is no tab.lis production for USRBIN output.
The tab.lis files are multicolumn text files that are suitable for spectrum/distribution plotting. On the other hand, the USRBIN output is a 3D map. Flair can transform it in a 1D average/peak (or 2D) distribution (which is another thing) and generate corresponding .dat files, as you can experience through its Plot frame.
Otherwise, once you got with usbrea a readable 3D map (to be read line after line as indicated in the header), you can reformat it yourself at your convenience.

Dear Francesco,
Sorry! I forgot to explain my input file.
In my input file, I set usrbin and usrbdx detector, and usrbdx outputs can be process to tab.lis file. I can use flair to do that, but because there are lots of usrbdx(about 15),so I need to add the fort files of each usrbdx into Flair and then process them to tab.lis file one by one. It cost me lots of time.

So, I wonder is there any commend line that can process the process fort files to tab.lis file.

Of course, the USRBDX post-processing program that is usxsuw as indicated in the manual (Note 9).
As mentioned above, every scoring card type has its own post-processing program (the source is in src/tools and the executable is in bin).