Diffuse reflector

Hi Fluka experts;
I’m going to define a diffuser reflector that is around a scintillator detector.for this porpuse, i entered the frghns.f routine, which is attached. Do I need to active another routine? You may send an example in this regard.thank you.frghns.f (1.2 KB)

Dear Hassan,

there is no need to use any other user routine in order to simulate diffusion of optical photons on a surface. However, you might want to want to use the GEOR2N routine to obtain the region identifiers. For more details, you can visit the manual for the frghns.f user routine.

Kind regards

Hi I called the GEOR2N routine in the same frghns.f file (attached). Is this wrong? And do I have to compile the GEOR2N routine separately? Where can I find this routine separately?

Dear Hassan,

unofrunately, I do not see any use of the GEOR2N routine in the file you uploaded. But as long as you do not intend to make any changes to the GEOR2N routine, there is no need to compile it separately.

I hope this helps

Dear vojtech.stransky
thanks for your reply,
Sorry I uploaded the previous file incorrectly, I called GEOR2N in the file I am uploading now but I feel it is not working properly, did I enter this command correctly?frghns-2.f (1.3 KB)

Dear Hassan,

your new user routine is not compatible with the FLUKA version released by CERN.

You need to use the same template you used for the first one, or use the provided converter as described in Upgrading/conversion of user routines dating back to before December 2019