Upgrading/conversion of user routines dating back to before December 2019

With the CERN FLUKA release of December 2019 the opportunity has been seized to clean up the structure of the deployed files. This also concerns the files containing the common blocks for which the naming scheme has been changed by removing the parentheses and adding a file extension.

As a consequence old user routines written in FORTRAN need to be adapted. In order to facilitate this process a script has been provided which takes care of converting sources, making this process transparent to the end-user. This python script is called fluka_src_converter.py and can be found in the bin directory of your installation. As arguments the name of the file (supporting wildcards) to be converted must be given. For example:

fluka_src_converter.py mysrc*.f

will convert all files starting with “mysrc” and having the extension .f
By default backups of the original files will be made.