Display of graphic characters

I use flair 3.0-9 on Fedora 31.
On some of the screens, graphic characters (I presume) are not correctly rndered but appear with thier unicode number. Look at the screenshot.
Do I miss a library or what is the reason fort his behaviour. It is purely cosmetic and flair works fine in other respects!
Screenshot from 2020-05-03 15-02-10|690x418

Hi Thomas,

from your screenshot it seems that flair is not using the truetype fonts but the old raster fonts of x11.
Could you check the following:

  1. you have all system fonts correctly installed
  2. you didn’t change anything in the fonts setup of flair
    Flair -> Config -> Fonts

or maybe easier:

  • close any flair that is open
  • open with an editor the file ${HOME]/.flair/flair.ini
  • search for the section [Font]
  • delete all section from the line [Font] until the next section starting with a [