ERROR: MU (Monitoring Units) is not yet implemented

Dear @horvathd
Thanks for your reply. In the process of simulation, I set two angle radiation fields, and the results show that the dose is obtained on the DICOM graph, but an error about MU is displayed in the compression process, so that the corresponding DVH graph cannot be generated.

This is my input file and operation steps. Can you help me see what’s wrong?
Test.inp (1.9 KB) (976.3 KB)

If you need TPS input file, I can send it to your mailbox separately.


indeed as the message claims the MU is not implemented for the USRBIN to RTDOSE conversion.

It is only implemented in the RTPlan when you want to convert an RTPLAN to SPOTBEAM cards for fluka

Dear @vasilis
Do you have a better way to solve the problem? I checked the information found similar problems on the forum, but I still haven’t solved this problem.
Can you show me how to solve it? This is the first time I use FLUKA to simulate DICOM. I don’t know many details.