Error : No ran **002 generated

Dear Experts:
I have two sets of radiation therapy DICOM files which include dose、structrue、rtplan、ct from monaco(a elekta TPS).I followed the same process. One can run,but the other raise a problem that error code :12 Error : NO rant18002 generated!The .err file is blank.Should u help me look for the reason. t17.inp is correctly and t18.inp has this error.
t17.inp (2.1 KB)
t18.inp (2.1 KB)

To find more information about the error, you have to look in all the files generated: .out , .log , and .err .

This is my files.But there is nothing about the error.Could u please help me figure it out.

t18.out (667 Bytes)

t18001.err (46 Bytes)

t18001.log (96 Bytes)

t18001.out (3.7 MB)

Dear user,

In the *err file you can see the following message as well as in the t18001.out file, with an additional message related to the pointwise cross section
**** Blank common exhausted in Pwxsst ****

Maybe this post can help you with the issue: