Executing atmloc.f routine

Hello FLUKA experts,

I am having trouble creating an executable for the atmloc.f routine to create a local atmosphere geometry for cosmic ray simulations. When I try to compile atmloc.f in /fluka/src/tools using command fff atmloc.f, I get the message ‘Fatal error: can’t create atmloc.o: Permission denied’. The same happens when I attempt to use the command ‘lfluka -o exeatmloc atmloc.f’ in the same directory.

I am not very experienced in compiling fortran files into FLUKA executables, so any insight into why I do not have permissions for atmloc.f or any further instruction in how to execute the routine would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
James R. Bowers

Hi James, it looks like you have no writing rights in /fluka/src/tools, which may be reserved to your system superuser. Either you get them as regular user from the latter or you copy atmloc.f to your own working directory and execute those commands there.

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