FluDAG with FLUKA 4-3.3

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I am a new FLUKA user and want to import a CAD Geometry from Solidworks using FluDAG. Before installing FluDAG, can someone please advice if it will be compatible with my FLUKA version?
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HI @alcuemo I havent tested FLUKA 4.3.3 with FluDAG but I’m sure it should work. We typically process geometry using a tool called Coreform Cubit, depending on the simplicity of your geometry it should work via the Solidworks route. Maybe you could tell me a little more about your system and the complexity of it?

If you download the Free version of Cubit - Free meshing software - Coreform Cubit Learn - Free non-commercial-use license - then if you download the most recent version 2023.8 then you’ll see DAGMC packaged with Coreform Cubit 2023.8 - Coreform Cubit - Coreform LLC that the DAGMC plugin is now completely integrated into Cubit, so you that makes life very much easier.




Dear @makeclean !

To avoid some off-topic questions here I wrote on your email directly with request regarding this workflow in general, please kindly find this email.

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Hi @Ivan I’ve not yet gotten an email - FYI its andrew.davis@ukaea.uk

Hi @makeclean !
Yes… Seems some kind of trouble with the email of our institute which is jinr.ru… I’ve sent another from my personal mail on yandex.ru. Hope it will find you well this time…

P.S. Maybe got in spam somehow :thinking:
PPS. Nope… I did another try from gmail…