$FLUPRO directory

Hi! I’ve installed the latest versions of FLUKA and Flair both by .deb package. When I launch flair there arise message which demands to set $FLUPRO directory. Can you tell where is located this directory ?


When installing the FLUKA .deb package, the default directory is /usr/local/fluka and you’ll find the executable ‘fluka’ in /usr/local/fluka/bin/. You can then specify this path in the Flair preferences. I hope this helps.


Did you install flair v3 from http://cern.ch/flair/download.html
v3 should not ask for the FLUPRO directory anymore

OK, I’ve done as you said.


But when I run example.inp file in Status field It shows the next message “Finished with ERRORS”.

example.inp (3.2 KB)

The rfluka entry leave it empty.

If empty it will use the default rfluka program from the Fluka directory otherwise it will try to use the program specified. You have specified a directory and not a program.

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