Fortran runtime error

Dear experts,
When I am runing an input used for scoring the alpha dose of dicom with TPSSCORE and RAD-BIOL cards, I get an error code 2. How can I solve it?
If I score the dose without TPSSCORE and RAD-BIOL cards, it ok.
The beam parameters are produced by RTPlan.

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Dear user,

it is impossible to give any advise on your problem if you don’t share you’re entire inputfile.
Please upload your .flair file.

Dear experts @amario
Thank you for your advise, I upload the input file and flair file as follows. The dicom can not be uploaded for too big size.
p.flair (4.5 KB)
p.inp (3.5 KB)
RBEmax.dat (3.9 KB)
RTPlan_RP1.2.826.0.1.3680043.10.1049.20231201005727192552_beam1.flair (207.1 KB)
RTPlan_RP1.2.826.0.1.3680043.10.1049.20231201005727192552_beam1.inp (220.3 KB)

Thanks for making it available, even privately (through the personal message function of this forum), via some accessible link.

Dear @ceruttif
Thank you for your help, but I haven’t found the personal message function.

Thanks a lot for this helpful crash report and for all the material privately sent.
This is a bug triggered by biological dose scoring. The due fix will be made publicly available with the upcoming major release in the first quarter of 2024.