How to debug file include user routine/sub function

Dear experts,
I have build a model and generate a .flair file, the file compiled 3 user routines/sub functions, but how to verify this user routine/sub function is performing its function correctly in the .flair file?
abscff.f (1.4 KB)
out.f (3.7 KB)
wvlnsh.f (2.6 KB)
detector(ZnO).flair (6.2 KB)

Dear Xiong,

you see three options, two easy ones, and one advanced.

  1. You can add appropriate FLUKA scorings to see the effect of your user routines,
  2. Add WRITE(*,*) commands in your user routines to write to the .log file.
  3. Use the Fortran debugger gdb (cgdb) to inspect the state of the variables during run.


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