How to generate the vxl file. No head.mat file

Dear Experts,
I’m trying to generate voxel data from a set of ct scans, but I’m running into a problem about “HU to material file”,like this:

I’ve read similar posts about vxl files, and as indicated in this post, it seems that the body.mat or head.mat file is in flair’s dicom folder.
But I don’t have a dicom folder under my flair directory.

So where should I go to get this “HU to material file”?
(By the way, I want to use the generated voxel file as the phantom, and use the MGDRAW routine to calculate the track of the particle in the phantom,Can I get what I want?)


Dear chen,

the conversion files are available at Official flair site
Look for the Auxiliary files section for dicom.tgz.


Thank you so much for this tip,I can successfully generate my voxel file.