How to import GDML to FLAIR


I am trying to import a GDML file to FLAIR, this is a simple geometry just to check how it is done, but I get in return a message that states that the volume is not tessellated.
The files I am trying to upload are attached ( I am uploading it in .txt because the forum doesn’t allow for .gdml files).mother.txt (907 Bytes) Sphere1.txt (148.1 KB)

Thank you for your help.

Hi @duarte.guerreiro
your Sphere1.gdml contains a tesselated solid which is not supported by fluka, so flair fails to make the conversion.

Hi, @vasilis.
Thank you for your response.
I have tried a variety of solids: spheres, cylinders, torus, irregular solids… but FLAIR does not read any of the files.
Do you think it is a problem in the structure of the files?

Thank you for your help

Spheres, cylinders should work ok. If not send us an example to check.
torus & irregular solids, could not work since fluka is only limited to bodies created with quadratic surfaces.

I am using a software that transforms a STEP file into GDML.
I can send to you the gdml files corresponding to the detector I am trying to simulate and a simple cylinder example:Cylinder1.txt (14.0 KB) tampa_do_guia_de_luz3.txt (92.7 KB) guarda_do_guia_de_luz1.txt (61.0 KB) guia_de_luz2.txt (21.7 KB) colimador4.txt (5.1 KB)

Thank you once again for your help.

Thank, I am checking them.
BTW I’ve added the possibility to upload .gdml files directly no need to rename them to .txt

@duarte.guerreiro all your files, contains tessellated solids, even the simple cylinder in the gdml file you’ve send is described as tessellated, so flair will fail to import them

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