How to load input file on flair install on WSL

Dear expert
We install Fluka and flair on window10 through WSL. we are able to run the input file on the terminal. However, we open flair on Xming and we want to open the input file store on window 10 desktop but we can’t access it since flair is installed in the home directory.
We want to know if there is a way to load/open the input file on flair in window 10.
Thank you

Did you have a look at this thread?

Yes, not answer my question. If I build my input on window using editor, safe it on my desktop and I want to open the input file on flair. Open input file on flair icon only open home directory folder which does not give access to window file.

Dear @profftee97,

from your description it really seems to me that other thread has the solution for you.
From your home directory in WSL you need to access something in


You could define in your home directory a logical link to it, in order to access more easily.