How to obtain neutron source rate?

Dear Fluka experts,

In the previous work, I created the neutron source file from FLUKA to use in the ADS system. I want to couple this source file into SERPENT. As I’m running the SERPENT with a source file from FLUKA, so I have to set the source rate. I thought it should be around > 1e16, but I don’t know how to define it. Is it available to get from FLUKA?

Here is the srcrate definition from SERPENT

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Dear @thanapong,

Fluka results are given per primary particle (or decay) and it’s up for the user to set the correct normalization factor. Therefore, unfortunately, it’s up to you to set the correct neutron source rate.

Thank you very much for response. Is there a general rule of thumb or accepted procedure for obtaining neutron source rate if it depends on user preferences for ADS problems?

Sorry for dumb question. I’m appreciate for all of your answer.

Not that I’m aware of