How to score DVH in mathematical phantom

Dear Experts,
I have designed a mathematical human phantom. I have scored 2D and 3D dose using USRBIN card.
I want convert these to DVH for different organs. Is it possible or there is some other method to get organ-wise DVH ?

Waiting for suggestions.
Thanking you in advance.

Dear @ArghyaC flair is able to generate the DVH only for voxel phantoms that contain the RTSTUCT information.

To get the DVH per region in a mathematical phantom you need to make it manually!

Its not an easy task, since you would need to score the DOSE in a mesh grid with USRBIN. Identify each voxel in the USRBIN in which region/organ it belongs and fill a DVH histogram acordingly.

I don’t see an easy way without knowing internally how the FLUKA code is storing the information.