How to superimpose data with USRBIN plot in Flair

Dear Fluka experts,

I could draw the Bragg peak with 1D projections from the USRBIN plot in flair (as shown in this figure

but I want to superimpose multiple Bragg peak curves on the same figure.
I know how to superimpose data with “USR-1D” plot frame in flair.
Does USRBIN plot in flair have a similar function as “USR-1D” plot or are there other ways to superimpose datas ?

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

Best regards,

Qi Ding

Dear Qi Ding,

this can be done in 2 steps:

  1. Do the 1D Projection in the USRBIN plot. This will create a .dat file with the name of the plot. (In your case 1112_52_plot.dat)

  2. Then you can use this .dat file in a USR-1D plot to superimpose multiple projections.

Note: You need to replot the projection in the first step every time when you run a new simulation to update the .dat file.


It seems that you are using a Flair version that is not supported on this forum. Please install the latest version of FLUKA and Flair from:

Dear David,

Thanks a lot for your detailed response.

Best regards,
Qi Ding