How to use source. f file to realize photon spectrogram

I referred to the post:" Normalization of results / Source routine with radioactive isotopes"
Then I tried compiling co-60 in source.f. DETECT results are obtained, as well as USRBDX results:

But it seems that there are certain differences with the posts I refer to:

Co-60.flair (1.7 KB)
source.f (9.1 KB)

I would like to ask the teacher to help check whether there is any problem with the program and source.f. I am a beginner, thanks to the teachers on the forum for helping me!

supplementary question:
What if I implemented i-131 in source.f?
(I131 365keV 81.5%;636keV 7.16%;284keV 6.12%;80keV 2.62%;723keV 1.77%)

Source. F file:
IF (EE .LE. 0.5D0) THEN

What does “.le “mean,”.gt” mean, how do you write i-131?

Dear @fengfengxu,
It seems you have re-posted this question in another thread How to use source.f to set up I-131?
Please, avoid posting the same question multiple times, it leads to a waste of resources, just be patient for the reply. Remember that whoever replies here does it on a voluntary and best effort base.

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