Import AutoCAD Files to FLUKA

Dear Experts,

I wish to import the CAD files to FLUKA. I have read the threads till Nov. 2020 about the same where it was mentioned that it is in progress.
Now, is it possible to import the CAD file to FLUKA and how can I do it?

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Dear @jyoti.grg
unfortunately there is no direct support of CAD in fluka. However there are some ways you can use a CAD geometry

  1. FluDAG: CAD files in FLUKA: FLUDAG
  2. MCACM:
  3. Ansys Workbench (export to MCNP and import in flair the MCNP)

Dear Expert,

For FLUDAG, it is mentioned that the work is going on for making DAGMC compatible with FLUKA-CERN. CAD files in FLUKA: FLUDAG

Please advise.


Dear Expert,

I want to know whether DAGMC is compatible with FLUKA now?


Yes it is. You can find on the forum (search for Fludag) several threads that can be of help on how to install and run.

My appologies, I’ve been quite absent from the forum of late, happy to answer any questions you’ve got. Please do search the forum as I think the key bits are there.