Dear experts,
I failed to get USRBIN plots and here is the error messgae:


There are no errors in the geometry window.

I checked my input files and found that it’s because of card WED


If WED exists,no matter it’s used to define regions or not, the plot error message exists.

Everything goes well by deleting card WED. Could you please tell me what to do ?

By the way , I would like to konw the difference between card WED and RAW. The simulation can not run if card WED is changed to RAW.

shiqiang pang

Dear @shiqiang.pang
could you please provide us the flair file

@shiqiang.pang you must add the following card
WED is flagged as a deprecated body and without the GLOBAL to enable the execution the run/plot stops

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I added the GLOBAL card but FLUKA Runs finished with errors.
myproblem.flair (3.6 KB) myproblem.inp (3.6 KB)

Dear @shiqiang.pang,

The problem is due to the fact that the GLOBAL declaration, if present, must precede any executable option as indicated in the manual:
If you move it up the error disappear.
Nevertheless, the job will crash because you are using a track-length scoring for the NET-CHRG scoring, as discussed in your other thread:

Once you will change also the Type of the scoring, you simulation will complete without other errors.

As expected, by deleting card GLOBAL, the simulation runs well without errors.

But when it comes to USRBIN figure plotting, the error message “NO PLOTGEOM.STORE file” still exists.


In other words, my problem is: Once the geometry consists of WED, USRBIN plotting will fail.

What’s more,I can get USRBIN plotting successfully if the card WED is set disabled.

To summarise,I‘m trying to get a USRBIN plotting which is similar to the following ( but with diffrent geometric structure ):

However,USRBIN plotting error occurs with geometric structure consist of WED, juts like the following:

If more details are needed,please remind me.

You do not need to remove the GLOBAL card, just put it as second card immediately after the TITLE card

@amario I considered “move up” as “remove” by mistake. Sorry about that.

My simulation is now completed without errors, thank you very much.

best regards,
shiqiang pang