Nuclear Medicine simulation

Is there any notes for me to learn for simulating Nuclear Medicine modalities such SPECT-CT or PET-CT. I tried to create but how can i define the LSO and BGO in material. It seems keep showing the error in geometry part as no material LSO or BGO in material.

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Thank you for Feedback. Have you tried to simulate for nuclear medicine like GATE (Geant4) or Flair by Fluka is not compatible yet for Nuclear Medicine.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Is it a question?

@amario yes it’s a question. have you guys any experience doing monte carlo simulation for Nuclear Medicine using Flair by Fluka? Geant4 (GATE) is another monte carlo tools for nuclear medicine. Another question is does Flair by Fluka can do like Geant4 (GATE)?

Personally, I don’t have any direct experience, probably other users do have.
Have a look at this lecture on medical applications from a 2021 course.

@amario Thank you so much for feedback and i will look into it. Thanks.