Official Fluka version

I am confused as to what is considered the official version of Fluka. Today, I received an email saying that a new version of Fluka 2020 is available. On the other hand, I can find suggestions that the official version is V4 at CERN.

I have recently pointed out that these codes give different results for the (g,n) cross section of Ra-226.

Fluka is a powerful code and I appreciate the effort that has gone into developing and maintaining it. However, as a user it would be good to know what the developers recommend as the “best” version.

Thanks, Carl Ross

FLUKA developers at CERN and collaborating institutes support the version distributed by CERN at, as announced on December 2019, and provide assistance for that version on this forum, as well as regular training by means of the FLUKA courses.
Concerning your appreciated post on (g,n) cross sections of Ra-226, it’s presently open, since we are working on it.
We are sorry for the understandable confusion induced in the FLUKA user community, but the setup of a renewed framework turned out to be necessary.