OPEN Card can't recognize file name from array

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am trying to open different files with the OPEN card, based on the file names in variable Dif with index Idx. When I try to access the elements in Dif, the OPEN card does not recognize it as an element, but as the string “=Dif[Idx]”. When I try to access the element in a different card, everything works well. What am I doing wrong?

Hen Shukrun

Dear @rachel.hen.shukrun
thank you for reporting, you are not doing anything wrong.
Indeed the expression is not working for the filename, and it will be fixed for the next release.
In the mean time you could wrap with #if #elif multiple OPEN cards

@rachel.hen.shukrun the new release 3.1-11 of flair solves also this issue