Photoproton yield

I am interested in the (g,p) reaction with Zn-68, leading to Cu-67.

Fluka (2021) successfully calculates the yield of Cu-67 in the energy range from 10 to 30 MeV.

However, the yield is more than a factor of two lower than measured yields.

I have extracted the (g,p) cross section using a MC “measurement” and it is more than a factor of two smaller than the EXFOR value.

Can someone comment on the estimated uncertainty of the photoproton yield predicted by Fluka?


Carl Ross

Dear Carl,
for the indicated channel, as far as FLUKA 4.1 is concerned (which as already pointed out is the version maintained and developed by CERN and collaborating institutes and thereby supported in this forum), I confirm the underestimation you report with respect to the available old data set:

Dear Francesco:

Thanks for your quick response.

I recently receieved a notice of a new Fluka version (2021) which I have downloaded. Is this forum not related to that version?

Measured Cu-67 yields seem to be in much better agreement with the EXFOR data than Fluka. Is it reasonable to think that the Fluka model is in error by more than a factor of two?



No, it’s not (nevertheless, I understand that you obtained here the same result).
New FLUKA versions released by CERN are regularly announced on this forum as well as the official CERN FLUKA website (registered people get the announcements via e-mail).

For this specific channel, which amounts to only few percent of the total photonuclear cross section, this may presently be the case.

That’s useful to know.