Plotting problem

Hi All

Trying to plot the geometry using the ‘old’ gnuplot method, but I just get failures. The geometry is fine in geoviewer no errors, but I have a need to plot it with gnuplot, any and all hints appreciated :slight_smile:

Here are the error messages:

Cmd: /mnt/disk1/fluka-cern/fluka4-0.1/bin/rfluka -M 1 /mnt/disk2/monte_carlo_benchmarking/sinbad/fng_hcpb/fluka/flair_5jjp3lob

                                   F L U K A

Dir:   /mnt/disk1/fluka-cern/fluka4-0.1
Data:  /mnt/disk1/fluka-cern/fluka4-0.1/data
Exec:  /mnt/disk1/fluka-cern/fluka4-0.1/bin/fluka
Input: /mnt/disk2/monte_carlo_benchmarking/sinbad/fng_hcpb/fluka/flair_5jjp3lob.inp
Initial seed copied from /mnt/disk1/fluka-cern/fluka4-0.1/data
Running fluka in /home/adavis/prod/monte_carlo_benchmarking/sinbad/fng_hcpb/fluka/fluka_497872

======================== Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 ========================
Removing links
Removing temporary files
Saving output and random number seed
Saving additional files generated
End of FLUKA run

... fluka run: 0.542953 s
>e> ERROR: No /mnt/disk2/monte_carlo_benchmarking/sinbad/fng_hcpb/fluka/flair_5jjp3lob001_PLOTGEOM.STORE file

Also, trying to do the same kind of plots with FluDAG, so using the FLUGG mode, but temporary plot inputs that flair produces appear ot be incomplete, is the FluGG mode now to be considered deprecated?



Hi Andy,

no PLOTGEOM will be generated, if the plotting window (origin, plane, extends) you are selecting doesn’t contain any geometrical boundary.
This can either be an error in the plotting window chosen, or geometry error, or something wrong in calling FluDAG.
FluGG is still supported